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Information produced by the various organizations active in dealing with LEOFF 1 issues.

Scammer Alert

We have learned that scammers are contacting LEOFF retirees by phone and requesting personal information. The scammers are posing as representatives of the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems (DRS). DRS will NOT call you to get personal information or about the benefit enhancement. They are mailing letters to all retirees and emailing when email information […]

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Agent Orange Benefits

Notice to all LEOFF members and fellow Veterans who served in the military during the Vietnam War, January 9, 1962-May 7,1975. Some of you may have a disability caused by exposure to Agent Orange during that time and don’t even know it. There are a couple requirements that have to be met to include boots […]

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Coalition Creates Membership

We were excited to see the Coalition move to create a membership organization.  Sadly, they have failed in that effort and just created another fund-raising venue.  View their new by-laws. At LEOFF1.Net we have always objected to the Coalition’s claim to represent all LEOFF 1 members, active, retired or beneficiary simply because they have never […]

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LEOFF 1 Coalition Newsletter

by Ken Crowder, DirectorWashington State Retired Police Officers Association& Retired Snohomish County Deputy Note: The Retired Fire Fighters of Washington & the Retired Seattle Police Officers Association are in the process of sending out a newsletter dealing with LEOFF 1 issues and asking you to respond to a survey. They DO NOT ask for money […]

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