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Information produced by the various organizations active in dealing with LEOFF 1 issues.

LEOFF 1 Coalition Newsletter

by Ken Crowder, DirectorWashington State Retired Police Officers Association& Retired Snohomish County Deputy Note: The Retired Fire Fighters of Washington & the Retired Seattle Police Officers Association are in the process of sending out a newsletter dealing with LEOFF 1 issues and asking you to respond to a survey. They DO NOT ask for money […]

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Letter from Del McNeal

Editor’s Note:  This letter was sent to the RFFOW discussing the board staffing issue. I see that you are getting ready to discuss the issue of disability boards for LEOFF 1. I am retired from the City of Bremerton as the chief. I am also currently a board member of our disability board. As such […]

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A Letter from Dan Downs

Editor’s Note:  This letter was sent to the RFFOW dealing with concerns about Disability Board staffing. I appreciate and want to thank you and The Retired Fire Fighters of Washington for your efforts in resolving the problem of staffing pension and disability boards. About three years ago, a group including you and attorney, Joe Fischnaller, […]

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RFFOW President’s Report | February 2019

by Richard Warbrouck President, RFFOW The Select Committee on Pension Policy (SCPP) is a standing legislative interim subcommittee. The committee members are legislators from the House and Senate and members from employee and employer organizations, and retiree groups appointed by the Governor.  The committee is empowered to meet during the interim, between legislative sessions to […]

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SCPP Meeting Report – December 11, 2018

Currently, only active or retired Prior Act, LEOFF 1, and LEOFF 2 firefighters employed by or retired from the city, county, or fire protection district are eligible to be elected to a pension or disability board. Only those covered by the jurisdiction of the board are eligible to vote. Some boards are facing difficulty in […]

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