The Select Committee on Pension Policy (SCPP) studies issues and policies affecting the state’s public employee retirement systems and makes recommendations to the Legislature regarding changes. Its statutory authority is contained in RCW 41.04.276.


The SCPP meets once a month during the legislative interim. Its specific areas of interest include benefits design, retirement eligibility requirements and pension funding methods. The SCPP also:
  • Receives the results of actuarial audits administered by the Pension Funding Council; and
  • In theory all proposals for legislation dealing with pensions must first pass through the SCPP.  While that rule is not strictly observed it is generally honored.  Thus the actions of this committe are important to all members of LEOFF 1.

More information about the SCPP including current SCPP membership information. Reviews and makes recommendations to the Pension Funding Council regarding changes to retirement assumptions or contributions rates

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