Who runs LEOFF1.Net

The web master and site administrator is Jerry Taylor, a retired Seattle Police Officer.  Jerry is currently the President of the Retired Seattle Police Officers Association.  Jerry is actively involved with the legislature and the various groups that work on legislative issues dealing with the LEOFF 1 pension plan.

This site operates independently and is not affiliated with any other group or organization. I belong to three of the groups that were members of the LEOFF I Coalition and am a former contributor to and board member of the LEOFF I Coalition.

I do not always agree with the actions of the various groups and do voice my own opinions from time to time. I recognize I hold strong views of the issues and attempt to clearly label my own opinions as such.

LEOFF1.Net is funded through the donation of members. The site receives no funding from any other source. While we do not directly solicit donations, we very much appreciate the support of the members that have permitted LEOFF1.Net to remain independent and have encouraged our efforts.

As a matter of policy, LEOFF1.Net regularly publishes articles from any source with a legitimate interest in the pension plan, so you might occasionally see articles critical of our positions or the positions of other organizations.


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