LEOFF1.Net was started in October 2000.  At that point we had just completed an organizational meeting in Yakima where the LEOFF 1 Coalition was formed.  I was concerned because there seemed to be a lack of information generally available to LEOFF 1 members.  At the conclusion of the meeting I volunteered my efforts and offered to run a web site for the Coalition.  The newly elected President turned me down.

None the less, I sensed a strong need for all LEOFF 1 members to have the latest information about developments with our pension plan.  Upon my return from Yakima I launched LEOFF1.Net as an independent source of information.


Our principal goal is to provide for the members a central location with ALL of the facts about issues surrounding the LEOFF 1 pension system. To that end we publish all views and positions on the issue.

We have seen the various groups on all sides of the issue attempt to represent their positions only in their own interest. We feel that deprives the members of a complete understanding and inhibits their ability to make decisions in their own best interest.

LEOFF1.Net is the only place where you will find all of the positions presented and discussed.

Our secondary goal is to identify and communicate with as many members of the system as possible. This permits us to communicate with the members on important issues. In fact, it was the members of this organization that played a major role in blocking SB6166, the Legislature’s effort to raid the LEOFF 1 Pension Trust. We were able to keep the members informed and those informed members took political action to protect their interests.

LEOFF1.Net is open to all comers.  If you want to write articles for posting on this site, just contact me.  We only ask that you remain civil and stick to the facts.

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