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Information about Social Security retirement options.

Social Security Windfall Elimination Provision

This article was originally published on 10/17/2008.  It has some good general information so we are re-posting it.  It is interesting to note that not much has happened on this issue since 2008. The Social Security Administration has put out another update to the Windfall Elimination Provision. Most Americans pay into the Social Security system […]

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Social Security Offsets – Current Status

The Social Security Fairness Act now boasts a record 352 bipartisan cosponsors in the House and 37 cosponsors in the Senate. In November, 2007, the Senate Finance Committee, Subcommittee on Social Security, held a hearing on the offsets, followed in February 2008 by a hearing in the House Ways and Means Committee. These hearings, and […]

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Repeal Social Security Offsets

National Democratic Platform Calls for Repeal of Social Security Offsets! The 2008 Democratic National Platform includes language calling for the elimination of Social Security offsets. NEA leaders and staff served on the platform committee and were able to push the committee to include in the platform language reading, “We will end the penalty within the […]

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