Repeal Social Security Offsets

National Democratic Platform Calls for Repeal of Social Security Offsets!
The 2008 Democratic National Platform includes language calling for the elimination of Social Security offsets. NEA leaders and staff served on the platform committee and were able to push the committee to include in the platform language reading,
“We will end the penalty within the current Social Security system for public service that exists in several states.”
Inclusion of this language in the platform is a major victory for NEA and all those pushing to repeal these unfair offsets. Ultimate victory in reaching our goal will depend on the election of a President and Congress committed to supporting public education and protecting retirement security for public employees.
NEA also submitted comments to the Republican drafting committee that included a call for GPO/WEP repeal.
Contact your Representatives in Congress.
Tell Congress that those who have dedicated their lives to public service deserve better! Act now to repeal GPO/WEP.
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