There are a number of organizations that deal with LEOFF 1 issues. All LEOFF 1 members should belong to at least one of these organizations to insure they have a voice in the decisions taken in efforts to protect the LEOFF 1 Pension System.

The following links provide additional information about each of these groups.

  • RFFOW – Retired Firefighters of Washington
  • RSPOA¬† – Retired Seattle Police Officers’ Association
  • WSRDSAPOA – Wa State Retired Deputy Sheriffs and Police Officers Association
  • WSLEA – Wa State Law Enforcement Association
  • WSCFF – Wa State Council of Fire Fighters
  • WACOPS – Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs
  • Seattle Fire Fighters, Local 27 – Seattle Fire Fighters Union
  • LEOFF I Education Association
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