Membership in LEOFF1.Net is restricted to members and beneficiaries of the Washington State Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters Pension Plan I. There are no fees associated with site membership.  The membership program is designed to build communication with other LEOFF 1 members and to aid in developing a grass roots response to issues of concern. As of this writing (8/1/2008), the site has unrestricted access, however sensitive issues and discussions will, from time to time, be placed in a restricted section of the site available only to registered members. This is done to protect the free flow of information and expression of opinions by the members.

The site is currently being redeveloped in this new format so the registration forms are not yet active.  An email will be sent to all subscribed members when that function is activated.

If you are not a member of LEOFF I as defined above but feel you have a professional need to access the restricted areas of the site, please contact the site administrator with the details of your request. To the extent possible, we will assist you in securing the needed information.

Membership information, including names, addresses, email addresses, etc. is confidential and will not be released. If you need to contact a member, send us a message.  We will forward your message if the individual is a member.

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