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RSPOA & the LEOFF I Coalition

Editor’s Note: This article is now a historical item. It was written in 2008 when the RSPOA was still on the Coalition board. It sort of demonstrates how the effectiveness of the Coalition began to fail. by Jerry Taylor & John Nordlund Eight years! It all started back in mid-2000 and officially began on October […]

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LEOFF History from 1969

The following is from a document written by Charlie Marsh.  At the time he was the head of the Washington State Council of Police Officers.  This article details the legislative efforts of the Council and Charlie.  While Charlie played a lead role in this effort there were numerous other individuals and organizations that worked to […]

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RFFOW President’s Message | June 2001

by Richard Warbrouck As I write this article on Sunday May 27th (2001) for our June Newsletter, the first 30day Special Session of the Legislature has come to a close. “Special” is the legal term for the session that follows the regular annual session. SB 6166 which deals with the LEOFF surplus has passed the […]

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