Legislature, Day 102

Today, April 20, 2017, is Day 102 of the 2017 Regular Session.  So far we had no proposed legislation that would directly attack the LEOFF 1 pension or move toward the merger of LEOFF 1 with some other system.  As of now both the House and the Senate have passed their budgets and they are supposed to be meeting to resolve their differences and produce a final budget.  The fact is they are not doing that but rather are pointing fingers at each other.   The best guess now is that they will be unable to resolve their differences before the end of the session and will have to go to a special session.  The last time it took them until June 29th to reach a deal.

Apparently there have yet to be any negotiations in an attempt to resolved the differences.  Separately a committee is meeting to deal with the McCleary decision.  See this article from the Peninsula Daily News about the status of the budget negotiations.

Stay tuned, but so far it looks as though we are clear.

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