Welcome to LEOFF1.Net

We have recently experienced a hacking attack and have moved the site to a new server.  The attackers had attached themselves to a web form and were using it to send out spam emails by the multiple thousands.  In order to protect the site, we have eliminated the the vulnerability and moved the site management to a new content management system and a new host.  I believe we now have the problems solved.

We are faced with a large task — to recover the content from the old site that goes back to the year 2000. We will be re-posting the content starting with rebuilding the structure and then posting the most current information.

There is a lot of stuff going back years so please be patient as we rebuild.In the meantime we will be posting any new information and sending emails to our subscribers dealing with LEOFF as it becomes available.

Sorry for any inconvenience.  It will take a while, but we will keep new information current.  Lucky for us is that we do not have any pressing issues in the current legislative session.  Of course that can change overnight but we are following the legislature closely.

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