The Legislature Still in Session

2017 Special Sessions Update
The 2017 Washington State Legislature has not yet adjourned.

Nothing much is happening in Olympia as the Legislature continues in its second special session.  Everything seems to focus on Education funding and the McCleary Decision. The closely divided legislature just can’t seem to come to an agreed solution.

The Legislature adjourned the 105 day “Regular Session” on April 23, convening the 1st Special Session on April 24th.

The 1st Special Session adjourned on May 23, which is the same day that the 2nd Special Session began.

Thus far, the Legislature has not yet been able to agree on a budget for the upcoming biennium (July 1, 2017-June 30, 2019).

Budget negotiators remain in Olympia, though a deal has not yet emerged.

At this point we do not anticipate any action that will impact LEOFF 1, but remain vigilant as there is always that danger when the legislature is in session.

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