WACOPS I-940 Press Release

December 7, 2017

WACOPS is fighting to strengthen the rights and quality of life for those who have dedicated their careers to protecting and serving our communities.

We do not believe today, or at any time during this debate, that changing the current use of force law (RCW 9A.16.040) will reduce violent interactions between law enforcement and the public.

For more than two years, there has been increased pressure from community groups to pass legislation changing Washington laws on use of force.  Through WACOPS’ excellent legislative relationships many bad bills have been defeated.  We have been actively working with our law enforcement stakeholders, Legislators, and the Governor on these issues.

Simultaneously, WACOPS has effectively participated in a task force of interest groups in an effort to find consensus.  Failing to reach consensus during the task force process the community groups elected to form De-Escalate Washington.  De-Escalate Washington has created Initiative 940.

De-Escalate Washington has mislead its supporters by defining the initiative as improving public safety through training.  They fail to highlight that this initiative reduces the threshold for criminal liability in deadly force incidents thus making it easier to prosecute police officers.

There are many significant problems with this initiative.  Please read it.  You can find a copy here: https://wacops.memberclicks.net/assets/I-940_Final_-_De-escalate_Washington.pdf

Yesterday, we joined with law enforcement and issued a press release regarding the initiative.  You can find the press release here: https://wacops.memberclicks.net/assets/I-940_press_release.pdf.  WACOPS will continue to use all of its resources to protect our members. We will keep you posted on Initiative 940 through e-mail, wacops.org, and social media channels.

We need all our members to participate in this issue.  Forward this email to others in your guild that may not have seen this, and register today and attend the January membership meeting in Olympia. At the January meeting you will learn more about I940 and have the opportunity to talk to your Legislators on this and other key member issues. Register to attend on our website at www.WACOPS.org or call the office at 360-352-8224.

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