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RFFOW President’s Message | September 2017

As far as I am concerned the Coalition’s refusal to share in the cost of retaining a contract lobbyist to assist us during the special session and in the formation of the state budget was the last straw. As the final special legislative session was coming to a close no retirement system merger bills had […]

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RFFOW President’s Message | June 2017

by Richard Warbrouck As I write this article on June 11, 2017 we are approaching the end of the second special session on June 21, 2017.  State government will shut down on July 1, 2017 if they have not passed a budget bill. The problem is how to raise the additional three billion dollars in […]

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RFFOW President’s Message | April 2017

by Richard Warbrouck President, RFFOW I want to acknowledge and thank our members who over the past year have sent in personal legislative contributions. This past month we received several generous contributions in the $500, $300, $250, and $150 range as well as many in the $100, $50 and lower amounts. These individual donations are […]

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