Letter from Del McNeal

Editor’s Note:  This letter was sent to the RFFOW discussing the board staffing issue.

I see that you are getting ready to discuss the issue of disability boards for LEOFF 1. I am retired from the City of Bremerton as the chief. I am also currently a board member of our disability board. As such I have concerns for the boards in the future as you have discussed. I see that as we all age and become less mobile, we drop out of activities. I also see the problem as a lot of retirees move from their jurisdiction area, as I have. I currently reside in Florida. The last meeting, I flew back to Washington to attend the meeting, not an easy thing to do four or five times or so a year. I have asked the Bremerton Board Secretary to review and see if attending the meeting by teleconference would be possible. Technology to allow this is easy, the issue could be the structure of our law as it was instituted before the technology was developed.

I believe this would broaden the opportunities for retirees to continue to serve their jurisdiction and would seem to be an easy fix. Your idea of allowing other retirees, who live in the area, could also be a fix. I’m not sure how the city or county would know who retirees were from other jurisdictions. I’m sure there would be a way for this to occur.

I appreciate your efforts over all the years representing the fire issues. I know that we, police and fire, have not always seen thing the same way. I’m hopeful that as we are all retired from service that we could work on common issues together. It is our retirement that is at issue.

Thanks again for your efforts.

Del McNeal

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