SSB 5791 nears the goal post.

It took a good amount of effort by a lot of people, but we have managed to get this bill through the Senate.  It represents a significant benefit enhancement for all LEOFF 1 members — basically a lump sum payment of $100 per month of service to be paid next January.  So if you worked 25 years it would amount to 100 x 12 x 25 or $30,000.

The money would be paid out of the LEOFF 1 surplus so it has not budget impact on the state and actually will not have much impact on the surplus while providing LEOFF 1 pensioners and beneficiaries with much needed assistance to dealing with the rapid inflation we are all experiencing.

We now must get this bill through the House and on to the Governor.  Time is very short at this session ends on March 10th.

SSB 5791 is now in the House Appropriations Committee.  It is scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday, February 22nd at 3:30 PM. Thanks to all of you who have been contacting the legislature to urge the passing of this bill.
Many of you have called or written to the legislators.  Please do so again.  Have your friends and family do so as well.  This works and many legislators are responding positively. 
Please follow up with your legislators to insure we get these bills passed and signed.
Note: to create a direct email address use the following protocol:
FirstName LastName  Remember the dot between names.

Legislative Hotline Operators: 1-800-562-6000
Following is a list of the members of the House Appropriations Committee.

Ormsby, Timm (D)
315 John L. O’Brien Building(360) 786-7946 
Bergquist, Steve (D)
Vice Chair
322 John L. O’Brien Building(253) 214-3275 
Gregerson, Mia (D)
Vice Chair
328 John L. O’Brien Building(253) 981-6278 
Macri, Nicole (D)
Vice Chair
311 John L. O’Brien Building(206) 333-4228 
Stokesbary, Drew (R)
Ranking Minority Member
434 John L. O’Brien Building(360) 786-7846 
Chambers, Kelly (R)
Assistant Ranking Minority Member
426 John L. O’Brien Building(360) 746-3670 
Corry, Chris (R)
Assistant Ranking Minority Member
430 John L. O’Brien Building(509) 907-6087 
MacEwen, Drew (R)
Assistant Ranking Minority Member
427A Legislative Building(360) 786-7902 
Boehnke, Matt (R)122B Legislative Building(509) 315-2315 
Caldier, Michelle (R)122H Legislative Building(360) 786-7802 
Chandler, Bruce (R)427B Legislative Building(360) 786-7960 
Chopp, Frank (D)429A Legislative Building(206) 905-6681 
Cody, Eileen (D)303 John L. O’Brien Building(564) 888-2493 
Dolan, Laurie (D)318 John L. O’Brien Building(360) 786-7940 
Dye, Mary (R)432 John L. O’Brien Building(564) 888-2380 
Fitzgibbon, Joe (D)320 John L. O’Brien Building(564) 888-2362 
Frame, Noel (D)420 John L. O’Brien Building(206) 962-5098 
Hansen, Drew (D)370 John L. O’Brien Building(206) 333-2975 
Harris, Paul (R)426A Legislative Building(360) 786-7976 
Hoff, Larry (R)406 John L. O’Brien Building(360) 419-5592 
Jacobsen, Cyndy (R)405 John L. O’Brien Building(253) 449-8545 
Johnson, Jesse (D)369 John L. O’Brien Building(206) 333-2989 
Lekanoff, Debra (D)422 John L. O’Brien Building(360) 419-5266 
Pollet, Gerry (D)438A Legislative Building(206) 307-0409 
Rude, Skyler (R)122G Legislative Building(509) 593-4559 
Ryu, Cindy (D)421 John L. O’Brien Building(206) 307-0769 
Schmick, Joe (R)426B Legislative Building(253) 275-1425 
Senn, Tana (D)308 John L. O’Brien Building(425) 279-5345 
Springer, Larry (D)437A Legislative Building(425) 947-8921 
Steele, Mike (R)122F Legislative Building(509) 782-3436 
Stonier, Monica Jurado (D)436A Legislative Building(360) 786-7872 
Sullivan, Pat (D)339A Legislative Building(360) 786-7858 
Tharinger, Steve (D)314 John L. O’Brien Building(564) 888-2366 
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