LEOFF 1 Bill Passes in House

HB 2051 passed in the House on January 22nd. (96 yeas to 0 nays.) It is now in the Senate Rules Committee (SB 5920 ) and is expected to pass soon.

This bill expands eligibility of who can serve on firefighter and law enforcement officer pension and disability boards to include active or retired firefighters or law enforcement officers residing in the district yet not subject to the jurisdiction of the board, when no eligible firefighter and law enforcement officer is willing or able to to be elected.

The goal of this legislation is to expand pool of available Disability Board members in small jurisdictions while retaining the ability of those retired under the jurisdiction of a board to elect who serves on the board. We anticipate this will extend the ability of counties and cities maintain the local boards for so long as is needed.

This bill was originally generated by three LEOFF 1 groups to address concerns created by the dwindling LEOFF 1 population. We should all thank Dick Warbrouck and the Retired Fire Fighters of Washington for taking the lead in getting the bill written and introduced and then lobbying the legislature for passage. The bill was originally introduced during the 2019 legislative session. It passed the house there but was held up in the Senate during the last minute rush finish the session.

This session it was reintroduced and should appear on the Senate floor soon.

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