SCPP September 17th Agenda

Select Committee on Pension Policy | Regular Committee Meeting

September 17, 2019
10:00 a.m. – 1:10 p.m.
House Hearing Room  A


10:00 a.m.           1.            Approval of July Minutes

10:05 a.m.           2.            Report on Financial Condition–Luke Masselink, Senior Actuary

10:35 a.m.           3.            State Actuary’s Recommendation on Long-Term Economic Assumptions – Matt Smith, State Actuary

11:05 a.m.           4.            Preview of Demographic Experience Study Results–Michael Harbour, Actuary

11:35 a.m.           5.            DRSCEM Benchmarking –Mark Feldhausen, Budget and Performance Management Director, Department of Retirement Systems, and Mike Heale, Principal, CEM Benchmarking

Public Hearings with Possible Executive Action

12:05 p.m.          6.            Month of Death (HB 1414/SB 5335)–Aaron Gutierrez, Senior Policy Analyst

12:20p.m.            7.            LEOFF 1 Disability and Prior Act Pension Boards (HB2051/SB 5920) – Corban Nemeth, Associate Policy and Data Analyst

12:40 p.m.          8.            Plans 1 UAAL Payment (SB 5999) –Corban Nemeth, Associate Policy and Data Analyst

1:00p.m.              9.            Public Comment

1:10 p.m.             10.          Adjourn

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