State Revenue Projections

OLYMPIA — As lawmakers prepare to unveil their supplemental budget proposals next week they received good news Thursday about state revenue projections that look to increase by about $1.3 billion more than expected through 2021.

The numbers released by the Office of Financial Management at a meeting of the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council showed that since the last revenue forecast in November, overall state revenues increased by nearly $628 million for the current two-year budget that ends mid-2019, putting it at nearly $45 billion. Officials say it’s the largest quarterly increase for the state since before the 2008 recession.

The projections for the next two-year budget that ends in mid-2021 also increase, by nearly $660 million, pushing the state budget up to $49.1 billion. Remember Social Security. Originally it was supposed to remain sacrosanct. Since it started paying out in 1940 the Democrats have changed it at least 12 times to the detriment of it’s original purpose and included taxation that was never supposed to happen. Our Global warming governor forfeited $86,000,000 in Federal funds by ignoring cleaning up Western State. Expect more of the same fiduciary incompetence to “save the state money”.

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