Response to Ways & Means Testimony

Ken Crowder has responded to the testimony of Cliff Webb as follows:

Re: SB 5920

Dear Chair Rolfes and Ranking Member Braun:

I am writing on behalf of the 1400 LEOFF 1 members of our organization urging you to pass SB5920 as written. I have read the request written on behalf of Spokane International Airport. The request would change the makeup of the LEOFF 1 Boards eliminating the at-large position in favor of replacing the position with a representative of a port district.

The letter wrongly implies that the fiduciary interest of the port is not being met with the current makeup of the boards. The interests of the port are being met. It also wrongly implies that the current manner in which the at-large members are selected is somehow flawed and the at-large position should be appointed by the legislative body suggesting that there is some type of conflict the way the law is currently written. The port has failed to demonstrate that there is a conflict or actual problem with the law as currently written. Anyone from the port is eligible to be appointed to the at-large position by simply applying.

Three of the current organizations with LEOFF 1 members support this bill as written for one simple reason. It keeps the make up of the Boards as originally written and the only change is to expand the pool of employee members to include LEOFF members active or retired who reside within the jurisdiction of the Board. This ensures that the voters of the jurisdiction are represented.

The request of the Port of Spokane in requesting the amendment is simply because there is currently a proposed rule change being made by the Spokane County LEOFF Board that they do not like. The Port has other remedies at their disposal other than changing the law to suit their purpose and at the detriment of the other statewide LEOFF Boards. Our members are spread throughout the state and I would have heard if there was a problem as suggested by the Port.

Thank you for your consideration and please pass SB5920 as currently written without amendments.

Ken Crowder, Director

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