Election 2018

My ballot just arrived.  I am not going to enter into a listing of how folks should vote, but there is one race that should concern every member of LEOFF I.  That is in the 5th Congressional District that pits Lisa Brown against Cathy McMorris Rodgers.  Rodgers is the incumbent.

I am urging everyone int the 5th to vote for Rodgers.  I know that some unions including Fire Fighters have come out in support of Brown, but we must not forget that it was Lisa Brown as a State Senator that push SB6166.  That bill would have terminated LEOFF I and taken the money from that system for the general fund.  It was one of the first raids on LEOFF 1 and probably the most aggressive effort.  We defeated it but it did pass the Senate.  It took a lawsuit filed at last moment to kill the bill from final passage in the house.

I just do not feel that any politician should get a pass for such actions.

The 5th Congressional District is the far east side of the state.  Spokane is the largest city.  If you live there, I would urge you to vote for Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

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