Report on April 17 SCPP Meeting

The Select Committee on Pension Policy met on Tuesday, April 17, 2018. This was their first meeting of the year and the Agenda, while of some interest from an educational standpoint, had little to do with LEOFF 1 issues. In case you are unaware, the SCPP is the first point of review for all pension issues except LEOFF II. That is why it is important to follow actions in this committee.

This meeting explains the SCPP and elects officers for this session. (Senator Steve Conway was elected at the new chairman with Rep, Manweller moving from Chair to Vice Chair.) Also covered was a presentation by the Director of DRS, Tracy Guerin. She discussed privacy issue and explains how DRS handles data.

Starting at about an hour and 17 minutes into the meeting is a presentaion by Steve Nelsen, the Director of the LEOFF II board. We recommend that you watch this as Steve gives a good explanation as to how they look at pension issues. While we do not always agree with Steve’s observations they are generally well done and informative. Following is a video of his presentation.

You can watch the full committee meeting online at Remember that the SCPP meetings are generally broadcast live on TVW. Always a good way to keep up with pension issues.

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