Legislature Opens on January 8th

The Legislature will convene for a Regular Session on January 8, 2018.  This is a short session of 60 days and by the State Constitution the regular session must end by March 8, 2018.  Of course they can always have special sessions after the regular session ends.  Given the balance of membership between the D’s and the R’s it would surprise us if they can get everything done in sixty days.

The significant change here is that both the House and the Senate are not under the control of the Democrats.  Whether or not that will change things is not yet known, but they are still fighting over the Capital Budget so it looks like a repeat of special sessions may lurk in our future.

Watch this site as we will keep you informed as to any legislation, proposed legislation or even rumors that pose a threat to our pension system.  Additionally there are other non-pension items that will probably be of interest and we will post that information as well.

I have been taking a bit of a hiatus between session as there have yet to surface any information suggesting a threat.  I am concerned about a couple of background developments and will be publishing articles on those issues over the next week or so.

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